Rubber Technologies

High lension technology augments the reaction and spin potential ot rubbers by increasıing tension inside the sponge and rubber surtace.

Spring Sponge technology increases flexibility of the sponge. Like a coil spring, the Spring Sponge absorbs the incoming energy of the ball and releas-es it as additional power for the player's own shot. Rubbers with Spring Sponge technology enable shots with high amounts of spin.

More than 10% easier to impact than conventional "spring sponge"' and with an improved rebound the new Spring Sponge X provides the increased feeling of "holding' the ball on the racket and enables to arc the ball even better, creating more spin and powerful shots, all with a total weight reduced by about 3 %

Tenergy - Feel the Power of Spring Sponge

The ball trajectory of a topspin shot hit with Tenergy 05 is a pronounced curve due to heavy spin. This enables a most precise active topspin play. The trajectory of Tenergy 64 is more flat and low in comparison, resulting in a shorter travel distance and higher speed of the ball. The trajectory of Tenergy 80 is exactly in between 05 and 64, as are its playing characteristics.The main difference between rubbers of the Tenergy series is the complex
pimple structure With variations in length, width and distance. Ihe long, thinner pimples of lenergy 64 enable speed anda softter touch, whereas the broad, short pimples of lenergy 25 in turn generate a harder and precise touch sensation. The pimple structure of Tenergy O5 is specifically tailored towards high amounts of spin. Tenergy 80 mixes the width of pimples from Tenergy 05 and length of pimples from lenergy 64, resulting in playıng characteristics balanced between Tenergy 05 and 64.

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